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) In the Preferences dialog box under Categories, select Page Display

To change the font size, from the options menu , choose Text Size > [size]Change a bookmark’s destination In the Bookmarks panel, select the bookmark

pdf eraser

In the document pane, move to the location you want to specify as the new destinationIf necessary, adjust the view magnificationChoose Set Bookmark Destination in the options menu

pdf eraser

Note: The Set Bookmark Destination option is context sensitiveIt appears only when you have an existing bookmark selected

pdf eraser

Add an action to a bookmark In the Bookmarks panel, select a bookmark

From the options menu , choose PropertiesAt the end of the PDF, automatic scrolling stops and does not begin again until you choose automatic scrolling again

Choose View > Display Options > Automatically ScrollingPress Esc to stop scrolling

Retrace your viewing path You can find PDF pages that you viewed earlier by retracing your viewing pathIt’s helpful to understand the difference between previous and next pages and previous and next views

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