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hedis measures 2022 pdf

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The requirements for this standard were all devised as per the diverse needs of printing and publishing industries

Read a PDF with Read Out Loud The Read Out Loud feature reads aloud the text in a PDF, including the text in comments and alternate text descriptions for images and fillable fieldsIn tagged PDFs, content is read in the order in which it appears in the document’s logical structure tree

hedis measures 2022 pdf

In untagged documents, the reading order is inferred, unless a reading order has been specified in the Reading preferencesRead Out Loud uses the available voices installed on your systemIf you have SAPI 4 or SAPI 5 voices installed from text-to-speech or language applications, you can choose them to read your PDFs

hedis measures 2022 pdf

Note: Read Out Loud isn’t a screen reader, and some operating systems don’t support itActivate or deactivate Read Out Loud You must activate Read Out Loud before you can use it

hedis measures 2022 pdf

You can deactivate Read Out Loud to free system resources and improve performance of other operations

Do one of the following: Choose View > Read Out Loud > Activate Read Out LoudTo make it consistent throughout all the PDFs, you can choose a specific font for both adding text and editing text using the Font Options under the Content Editing preferences

In Acrobat, on the Edit menu, choose PreferencesThe Preferences dialog box is displayed

(Alternatively, you can press Ctrl+K keys on Windows or Command+K keys on macOS) In the dialog box, click Content Editing under Categories

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